Herbal Vaginal Fusion Rejuvenate

Herbal Vaginal Fusion Rejuvenate



Ingredients: Chamomile, Red clover, Wild yam, St John Worts, Witch hazel, Dried rose petals

The benefits of this steam are to lubricate, tighten, increase libido, relieve and soothe. Warning: Like any product consult physician before use. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding



A Yoni steam (Vaginal steam) is an ancient secret that gently and efficiently purifies and revitalizes a woman’s most intimate area providing reduced menstrual cramps to boost fertility. The yoni steam will detoxify you physically and emotionally.

Recommend usage: Add herbal mixture to bowl or bucket add about half a gallon of boiling hot water cover and let brew for 10 mins. Check temperature is to your comfort before sitting over it.

V-steam can be done once a week for the first 3 consecutive months after 3 months period twice a month is recommended. Her Essence provides two different steam packages Rejuvenate & Detox.


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