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Couchie Balm

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Created by women for all womenkind to promote moisture, wellness, and pleasure.

Our one-of-a-kind Couchie Balm locks in vaginal moisture all day and night.

It promotes vaginal moisture, wellness, protection, lubrication, and sensation.

Dramatically increase your vaginal comfort, while saying goodbye to discomfort, dryness, and skin irritation.

Your vagina will stay moist, fresh, and smelling RIGHT! 

It kills and prevents unwanted odors and balances vaginal PH. 

After application, your clitoris and labia will feel juicy, moist and smell divine all day and night.

Made with Organic Botanicals

Ingredients: Proprietary organic and essential oil blend, vitamin E. Organic, Natural, No Parabens, No Phthalates, Non-GMO.

Directions: Apply a generous amount to the area of concern on and around the clitoris and vaginal area. Safe for nipple, inner thigh area, outer uterine area, v line application.

• After showering.
• After shaving.
• In the morning.
• Throughout the day
• Before bed.
• Before foreplay, sex, oral sex, masturbation.
• After sex, oral sex, masturbation.